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December 12, 2014 | By

This week’s hot news, events and videos from the online marketing and social media world. From the Position² Blog This Week: Add E-commerce Analytics for Better Business It’s great to have an ecommerce portal. But are you tracking how your online business is faring? Well, it’s a vital part of the business process. Learn how to track your ecommerce venture now for a better return on investment. The Un-Checkbox Approach to Content Marketing Why B2B Companies Shouldn’t Fear Going Mobile “The Customer Journey to Online Purchase” – New Insights into Marketing Channels The Top 7 SEO Trends That Will Dominate 2015 Google AdWords Killed “Exact Match” – But Does it Matter? 5 Things We Learned About Programmatic in 2014 Best of the Week Video Watch this video on Whiteboard Friday anchored by Josh Bachynski who talks about Google Panda 4.1 – do’s and don’ts. It makes for a compelling watch. White Paper: Increase Visibility for Your Content by 4x Today’s traditional SEO is inadequate: Ignite your search results by accelerating visibility in more places than ever before.Download this White Paper and learn: SEO, why the way we know it is not enough Introducing and implementing Enterprise Visibility Accelerator (EVA) Using …

Facebook Incorporates C.T.A Buttons for Business Pages

December 12, 2014 | By

What do you do – When you have a user base of 1.35 billion and counting? When your market capitalization is north of $200 billion and climbing? Well, you find newer ways to make money out of your business! That’s exactly what’s driving the world’s largest social media giant. Facebook will soon be launching a Call-To-Action button for its business users who were complaining since a very long time for the lack of incentives for having a Facebook Page! This feature that is to be launched shortly will first be available across the United States and then the rest of the world. Facebook will initially provide CTAs like – Contact Us, Shop Now, Sign Up, Book Now, Watch Video, Use App and Play Game. These links could take you to any destination on or off Facebook depending on the needs of the business entity that is using them. Businesses are glad that going forward they can have a strong CTA on their Facebook Page so that they can get more leads or conversions as the case may be. CTAs for Businesses Contact Us – A general CTA to know more about a business Shop Now – Ecommerce portals Sign Up …

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Add E-commerce Analytics for Better Business

December 10, 2014 | By

The Future of e-commerce The future of e-commerce is mobile. It lives in tablets and smartphones. There shouldn’t be a retailer out there who doesn’t know this to be true. But a new study by the mobile services provider Zmags (Mobile and Tablet Ecommerce: Is Anyone Really Ready?) found that only one-third of the top U.S. online retailers are even optimally ready for mobile e-commerce. Two-thirds of top U.S. retailers currently overlook this market opportunity. Neither are they ready for today’s shoppers using tablets and smart phones, nor can they identify new, incremental sources of traffic and conversions. Welcome to e-commerce Tracking If you want to effectively analyze online business performance you need transaction data. It’s vital. Measuring metrics like conversion rates is all well and good, but measuring revenue truly captures a business owner’s attention. To make the analysis simple, include e-commerce data in your web analytics application. How e-commerce Tracking Works? Image Source A website visitor completes a transaction. Your e-commerce platform: processes the transaction (verify credit card details etc) stores transaction details creates a receipt page (generally ‘thank you’ page) inserts e-commerce data into ‘Google Analytics e-commerce tracking code sends receipt page to the visitor’s web browser As …

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“No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA” from Google

December 8, 2014 | By

Research experts at Google have come up with a solution to make CAPTCHAs more effective and it is called ‘no CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA’. This is not only perspicuous to the human users but is also effective in stopping malicious bots. CAPTCHAs are so commonplace these days that humanity as a whole is ‘wasting’ a lot of time on it without any utilitarian value added, whatsoever. The driving force behind the whole research was that if this effort could be properly channelized, humanity as a whole would benefit and thus was born reCAPTCHA. There is lot of indecipherable text in ancient literature tomes, old newspapers, satellite imagery, Google Street View, et al as far as machines are concerned. So if such texts could be given to the humans in the process of typing CAPTCHAs, a huge problem would be solved with no extra strain on resources! Google has rolled out a new API that directly asks users whether they are robots. Human users then can just check the box mentioning ‘I’m not a robot’, and gain access without actually solving any CAPTCHA. There’s more to this API than meets the eye. Google will scrutinize a user’s entire engagement with the CAPTCHA using …

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