Best of the Week | Mobilegeddon – The biggest thing since Y2K, and much more…

April 24, 2015 | By

This week’s hot news, events and videos from the online marketing and social media world. From the Position² Blog This Week: Mobilegeddon – The biggest thing since Y2K? First there was a protracted warning, then the actual “Mobilegeddon” came. If you are among those webmasters battered in the aftermath of this “Mobile Judgement Day” then read on for Google redemption. The Future of Marketing Automation The 4 Essentials to Building Your Brand on Social Media 4 Steps to Transforming Data into Actionable Insight 4 Factors That Are Holding Back Programmatic How Mobilegeddon Impacts Paid Search How to Plan and Budget for SEO Best of the Week Video Watch this Marketo Summit 2015 Highlights video on YouTube for top takeaways and trends in marketing automation. Persona Based Lead Scoring: The Mystery and the Method Download this White Paper and learn: Classify leads based on behavior and demographic details Develop a consistent methodology to proffer quality leads to sales Employ data integrity and tracking Deploy marketing automation to improve efficiency and cut costs.? Download the complimentary persona Based Lead Scoring White Paper now If you are reading this blog post via a RSS reader, please click here to subscribe.

Mobilegeddon – The biggest thing since Y2K?

April 24, 2015 | By

Google rolled out a mobile-friendly update of its search service and search rankings this week and the 24-hour media beast immediately labeled it “mobilegeddon“. Is there need for panic in the streets? Not if you have paid attention to the impact of mobile over the last few years, and adjusted your website accordingly. ComScore research confirms that 56% of digital content is now consumed via smartphones, and that makes mobile optimization a necessity. Despite the warnings of digital apocalypse Google’s roll out only affects search rankings on smartphones (tablets not included), and only individual pages, not entire websites.  But it should encourage a cultural change. Importing websites to mobile just won’t wash going forward. Building a mobile strategy from the ground up is now the order of the day. Image Source But in the here and now, if you are a webmaster, test your website for mobile compatibility here. To diagnose your website and get a complete mobile usability issues report across your website pages, click here. If mobile users are a big part of your core target group do this sooner rather than later. Google Analytics will tell you what percentage of your traffic comes from mobile search. First …

Bing Adds Close Variants for All Ad Campaigns

April 21, 2015 | By

Adiós, Exact Match. That’s the official word from search giant Bing. A true exact match will soon be relegated to oblivion. Bing will add Close Variants to all its advertising campaigns beginning May 21st. There are other imminent changes as well and they will impact negative keywords. So advertisers using Bing beware: check out these new changes. Close variants – keywords with misspellings, grammatical variations, abbreviations, plurals, spacing, and other such close iterations of existing keywords in a campaign – will save time for advertisers while giving them a bigger net to successfully reach out to users inputting keywords in their search queries. Example: Image Source While zeroing in on close variants, Bing will adhere at all times to high relevancy thresholds – this, according to a company statement. By mining close variants from a large pool of qualified sourcing, Bing adds more credibility to search results. Based on metrics from select accounts in the United States where the changes had been implemented last fall, Bing claims that close variants will help drive highly qualified click volumes to campaigns. The select accounts saw an impressive 2-3% rise in click volumes. New advertisers on Bing will not have to come up …

Best of the Week | Enterprise SEO Platforms in 2015, and much more…

April 17, 2015 | By

This week’s hot news, events and videos from the online marketing and social media world. From the Position² Blog This Week: Enterprise SEO Platforms in 2015 Your enterprise website needs SEO on a whole new level as compared to a regular website. That is where Enterprise SEO saves the day for search marketers and agencies with SEO paraphernalia, full-service platforms & sundry other techniques. Learn more now. Steps toward Developing A Content Strategy Six Drivers of ROI in Event Marketing Target New Audiences through Paid Search 5 SEO Tactics You Can Stop Using 5 Steps to Plan Your PPC Account Restructure Programmatic Beyond RTB: A Primer Best of the Week Video Be ahead in a personalized digital world. Watch this Whiteboard Friday video hosted by Rand Fishkin for answers! White Paper: The Rapidly Changing World of SEO Get a head start in your quest for search engine optimization by going through this insightful white paper. Download this White Paper to know: How important SEO is & why it should concern you? Various ways in which you can deploy SEO How to combine Social Media with SEO? SEO best practices and a road map to getting there Download the complimentary SEO White …

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