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Effective Video Marketing From the Position² Blog This Week:

Effective Video Marketing – A Game Changer!

Over 80% of the 54 million people who watched Evian’s Roller Babies video in either France or America considered discussing it; over 65% wanted to share it. Online video viewing is not unlike how people watch TV. But a critical difference is that the viewers can comment and share their opinion online globally, in real time. Read more on Why, and How, you should go for Online Video Marketing

Top Stories this Week: Social Media

Top Stories this Week: SEO, PPC and Digital Media

SEO 5 Common Mistakes Video of the Week
5 common mistakes in SEO (and 6 good ideas!)
In this video, Maile Ohye from Google covers the five most common errors she finds in SEO, and then concludes with six quick tips to make sure you’re on the right track.
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