Best of the Week | SEO And ROI Go Hand In Hand, and much more…

October 9, 2015 | By View Linkedin Profile

This week’s hot news, events and videos from the online marketing and social media world. From the Position² Blog This Week: SEO And ROI Go Hand In Hand The moment a customer has the intent to search for relevant information, that’s where SEO comes in. It’s one of the best investments you can make for your online presence. SEO helps the consumer with decision making, and your ROI increases. It scales over time. Read this blog and find out how. 5 Steps To Take Digital Disruption From Theory To Reality 7 Elements To A/B Test In Your Digital Ads Eight Intriguing Us Digital Marketing Stats Why Video Marketing Is One Of The Most Effective Ways To Reach Millennials How PPC Advertisers Can Best Leverage The Research Period This Holiday Season 10 Big Trends Happening In Social Video Best of the Week Video #AdWordsTips – Negative keywords help your ads reach the most interested customers, which can lead to reduced costs and an increased return on investment. Learn more by watching this video. White Paper: Increase Visibility for Your Content by 4x Today’s traditional SEO is inadequate: Ignite your search results by accelerating visibility in more places than ever before.Download this …

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Content Marketing Trends in 2015

March 4, 2015 | By View Linkedin Profile

Over 35,000,000 distinct units of content were shared on a daily basis in 2014.  As staggering as that may seem, 2015 promises to  be even bigger. Now’s the time to look at the content trends likely to appear in 2015, and plot your marketing course accordingly. Current Marketing Trend Social Media Marketing and Blogs on Top Today most marketers promote their content on social media sites, and for good reason. Clicks, shares, and views from social media sites are five times more likely to be shared. The Prediction: This year we’ll see content marketing efforts push beyond social media and spill over into webinars, case studies and other relevant content platforms. These efforts deliver more value, brand awareness, backlinks and discussions than just a simple social share. Businesses will finally get involved in content creation Nearly all marketers now factor content marketing into their overall marketing plan, and 45% of B2B marketers report having a content strategy in place. They understand how social media and content marketing line up with each other. They understand that content marketing is all about story-telling. Make this the year you generate high quality engaging  multimedia content. Customers respond to visual content and remember it …

State of Marketing Automation 2015 [Infographic]

January 31, 2015 | By View Linkedin Profile

Today with the explosion of digital channels and technologies you are spoilt for choice as a digital marketer. Marketing automation can effectively help put things into perspective so that you stay on top of things. Go through this insightful infographic in order to gain an inside view of the world of marketing automation now.

Digital Marketing & Behavioral Targeting

January 28, 2015 | By View Linkedin Profile

You can’t be limiting your marketing strategies to one or two channels today, not with digital media on board. If the difficulty of marketing to potential customers on this labyrinthine playing field tweaks your pain threshold, then you need to focus on behavioral targeting. It is nothing new. Marketers have used behavioral targeting since analog times to get better ROI. But not necessarily in the digital age. Only 24% of digital marketers actively utilize behavioral targeting techniques, no matter how straight forward those techniques might be. So let’s look at some ways to implement behavioral targeting in the digital world. In its simplest form, behavioral targeting means gathering information from a user’s browsing history then using it to tailor a marketing strategy. Consumers leave behind a digital footprint when they visit a website. Customer profiles can be created from page visits, time spent, links visited, search history, etc., and can then be used to deploy behavioral targeting, like pushing highly relevant (“targeted”) advertising. Statistics demonstrate that the chances are high that a targeted advertisement will convert a user into a customer. When Amazon seems to follow you to any website you visit and then throws up highly relevant ads, that’s …

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