SEO features for ecommerce sites, tracking intent data for B2B marketers and much more…| Best of the Week

July 25, 2014 | By

This week’s hot news, events and videos from the online marketing and social media world. From the Position² Blog This Week: The ‘must have’ SEO features for an ecommerce site SEO strategy for ecommerce sites is different. They need to draw from retail marketing while also conforming to search engine algorithm trends. Check out this article to know about the SEO features for ecommerce sites. When It Comes to Audience Engagement, Webinars Still Reign Supreme Tracking Intent Data Across Channels For B2B Marketers 5 Simple Tips for improving your LinkedIn B2B Marketing Protect Your Brand Today Through Comprehensive Risk Intelligence Stop Boring Your Customers by Sharing Too Much Data The Evolution of Audience Targeting: 3 Opportunities for Marketers Best of the Week Video Watch this video where Hugh talks about the different tactics used by B2B marketers and the effects they have on closure rates at every stage of the buyer’s journey. White Paper: Increase Visibility for Your Content by 4x Today’s traditional SEO is inadequate: Ignite your search results by accelerating visibility in more places than ever before.Download this White Paper and learn: SEO, why the way we know it is not enough Introducing and implementing Enterprise Visibility Accelerator …

Amazon goes Social, 3 Ways To Calculate PPC ROI and much more… | Best of the Week

November 23, 2012 | By

This week’s hot news, events and videos from the online marketing and social media world. From the Position² Blog This Week:12 Tips to build your Facebook FollowersA sizeable base of Facebook followers is extremely important if your campaigns have to have good audience reach. There are lots of things you can do to build your Facebook following…focus on your design, post unique content, engage actively on your page…read on for more rocking tips… Instagram Launches Embeddable “Badges” To Help You Promote Your Beautiful Profile On The Web. Facebook Advertising: A Simple Breakdown of All Your Facebook Advertising Options. Amazon goes Social: Unveils Brand Pages. Experts’ View: 16 surprising predictions for 2013. Reputation Management: Online Reputation and Positive Prejudice in Social Media. Paid Search: 3 Ways To Calculate PPC ROI. Content Marketing: 9 Ways to Write Killer Titles That Convert. Mobile Email Marketing: Tips For The Holiday Season. The CMO Guide to Building a Data-Driven Marketing Team. SEO in 2013: The Rising Influence of AuthorRank. Video of the Week How to Set Your Social Media Strategy and Measure ItIn this video Dave Fleet, VP of Digital at Edelman in Toronto, shares how social media measurement impacts businesses today. You’ll learn what …

Facebook Likes or Google +1s: What has the Greater Impact on Organic Search Rankings, PPC Ad Testing Strategies and much more… | Best of the Week

July 27, 2012 | By

This week’s hot news, events and videos from the online marketing and social media world. From the Position² Blog This Week:Instagram – Visual Marketing Promotion for BusinessesAs a digital marketer, you will be using the Instagram as part of your marketing efforts. But, the crux of the situation is, do you know how to use it so that you derive utmost benefit? This is where Position² steps in. We will guide you on the best way to build your Instagram account. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out our blog on Instagram! Facebook Like or Google +1: What has Greater Impact on Organic Search Ranking? Twitter Tips: 5 Twitter Tools to Enhance Your Marketing. Facebook Stats & Insights: Sponsored Stories Make $1 Million a Day. Social Media Analytics: How to Measure Social Media and Show Results to the C-Suite. 20 Facebook and Social Media Marketing Tips to Tame the Wild Social Media Beast. Link Building: 6 Month Plan for Established Websites. Re-Engagement Campaign: The Email Campaign You Need to Clean Your List & Re-Engage Subscribers. Digital Advertising: Which Ad Attribution Model Should You Use? PPC Ad Testing: 8 Experiments to Restore faith in PPC Ad Testing. …

Facebook Ads, Google+ Hangout for Businesses, Why Link Building Strategies Fail and much more… | Best of the Week

July 20, 2012 | By

This week’s hot news, events and videos from the online marketing and social media world. From the Position² Blog This Week:Google+ Hangout for BusinessesThe Hangout feature on Google+ gives a lot of scope for leveraging your business prospects. Brands are slowly discovering the benefits of this amazing feature. Do you think that Google+ Hangout is a great marketing platform for your business? Check out this blog on creative ways businesses can use Google+ Hangout. Facebook Ads: What Are You Really Paying For? Pinterest: 6 Ways to Drive More Pinterest Engagement. Social Media Measurement: 7 Enemies of Social Media Measurement. Instagram: An Opportunity for brands. Infographic: Here’s What Social Networks Know About You. Link Building: Why Link Building Strategies Fail. Google Analytics: Google Webmaster Tools Overview. Infographic: Dealing with Personalized Search. AdWords for Video The Good & The Bad. On Page Optimization: Let On-Page Optimization Change Your Life. Video of the Week Facebook MarketingFacebook Marketing For Dummies author John Haydon gives an update on the new features on Facebook, including Timeline on fan pages and promoting your posts, Facebook Ads, offers, news feed and misconceptions.   Enhance your SEO with Social Enterprise Visibility Accelerator (EVA), is Position²’s unique methodology that uses …

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