Social Media Tips for SMBs, Google +1 Preview and much more… | Best of the Week

May 12, 2011 | By

This week’s hot news, events and videos from the online marketing and social media world. Position² Blog: Social Media for SMBs: 4 Best Practices. Anti-Social: Facebook Admits Hiring PR Firm to Smear Google. Top Ads: Winning on Twitter: the Top 10 Promoted Tweets. Prediction: Can Brands Maintain Engagement on Facebook? Do It Yourself: The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Marketing. Sneak Peek: Just Weeks Away, A Preview Of The Google +1 Button For Websites. Google’s New Search Layout Test: Borrowing From Blekko & DuckDuckGo? Facebook vs: Google Top News Site Traffic Influencer. Tutorial: How to Use Advanced Segments in Google Analytics to Isolate SEO Problems. SEO Tips: Optimizing Page Speed – Actionable Tips For SEOs and Web Developers. Video of the Week Family Turns To Social Media To Find Missing Teen. Townsend’s family have turned to social media in hopes of locating their daughter. The family as set up a Facebook page where people can share tips and spread news about the ongoing missing case. If you are reading this blog post via a RSS reader, please

Social Media for SMBs: 4 Best Practices #SMBs #BestPractices

May 11, 2011 | By

SMBs: Anything But Small Small and midsize business owners today understand that including social media in their marketing efforts is essential for success. The last four years have witnessed SMBs using social media and online monitoring tools to add value to their businesses. The reasons for making their presence felt on social media platforms may vary from company to company; while some may use to it to gain new customers, others simply want their brand to be noticed. The spring 2011 edition of the American Express OPEN “Small Business Monitor” reports that: Over 35% of small businesses in the US are using social networking in their marketing efforts; this is a 15% increase when compared to fall 2009. Nearly 12% of the respondents have been using blogs as a social tactic, almost twice more than in fall 2009. As we progress into 2011, statistics show that more SMBs are refocusing their marketing investments to design campaigns that have influence on the social web. Social media is expected to be one among the top five budget areas that small businesses are likely to increase their marketing spend in 2011. Supporting this is the study conducted by GrowBiz Media and Zoomerang, where …

Social Media Best Practices, Google Analytics Custom Reports and much more… | Best of the Week

April 29, 2011 | By

This week’s hot news, events and videos from the online marketing and social media world. Position² Blog: Ad Agencies And Social Media Monitoring: Driving Value. Research: Facebook’s News Feed a Limited Engagement for Advertisers. Stats: How Engaged Is Traffic from Social Sites? New Rules: Best Practices for Engaging With Consumers Through Social Media. Cost Per ‘Social’ Action: How Twitter Makes Money. Survey: Google is the most-frequently used site for Q&A. Analytics Update: Custom Reports in the new Google Analytics. Ranking Tips: Increasing SEO Complexity Lowers Result Diversity. Research: Google: 50 Percent Of Those Exposed To Mobile Ads Took Action. SEO Tips: Great Content for SEO: Simpler than You Ever Imagined. Video of the Week Klout Redesign Emphasizes Personal Influence. Klout CEO Joe Fernandez describes what his company offers as a “social credit score.” He told NetworkEffect, “We want to be a standard. We want everyone to know their Klout score.” If you are reading this blog post via a RSS reader, please

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