LinkedIn Targets Users Off-platform

February 23, 2015 | By

LinkedIn is all set to monetize its users’ data outside its own platform. The business-oriented social networking site has come to realize that it is sitting on a mother lode of user data on the Internet. It has a precise database of corporate world professionals that is much sought-after by B2B advertisers worldwide. With LinkedIn, the user identity is authenticated which is critical for business transactions. It is also a budding platform for reputation and authority ranking. Targeting B2B professional services could be a real opportunity on this platform. For LinkedIn it all started with the Bizo acquisition. Bizo offers multichannel nurturing and is a leader in business audience marketing. It offers targeting and analytics for display and direct response ads. With the launch of Network Display global ad network, marketers can sift large amounts of LinkedIn user profiles and target only those users that make sense to them. It could be as granular as targeting HR professionals in Lower Manhattan with a delightful, modern payroll solution! LinkedIn has made significant advancement towards a strategic roadmap for its marketing solutions business with this new launch. It provides a full-funnel, end-to-end product suite offering for marketers to reach, nurture and acquire …

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Facebook Introduces Product Ads

February 20, 2015 | By

The numero uno social networking site is giving the numero uno search engine a run for its money. Case in point is the latest launch of Facebook “Product Ads” which will compete directly with Google “Product Listing Ads”. The Facebook Product Ads was created specifically to help businesses sell their products on the platform. With this new feature from Facebook, advertisers can now target people who visited their website or app courtesy of Custom Audiences. They can also target people based on their interests or location. Businesses can promote single product or their entire line of products catalogue across the desktop and mobile platform as single or multi-product ad units. There are various ways in which advertisers can deploy ads like manually uploading their product catalogs or create campaigns that target a specific audience with certain products. Alternately, they may use the Facebook Custom Audience so as to automatically deliver the most relevant products to the target group. Brands that have already used the new ad feature from Facebook are quite excited about the benefits that it offers. Retail giant Target has recorded 20 percent rise in conversions with Product Ads over other Facebook ads. With this new feature Facebook …

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Digital Marketing & Behavioral Targeting

January 28, 2015 | By

You can’t be limiting your marketing strategies to one or two channels today, not with digital media on board. If the difficulty of marketing to potential customers on this labyrinthine playing field tweaks your pain threshold, then you need to focus on behavioral targeting. It is nothing new. Marketers have used behavioral targeting since analog times to get better ROI. But not necessarily in the digital age. Only 24% of digital marketers actively utilize behavioral targeting techniques, no matter how straight forward those techniques might be. So let’s look at some ways to implement behavioral targeting in the digital world. In its simplest form, behavioral targeting means gathering information from a user’s browsing history then using it to tailor a marketing strategy. Consumers leave behind a digital footprint when they visit a website. Customer profiles can be created from page visits, time spent, links visited, search history, etc., and can then be used to deploy behavioral targeting, like pushing highly relevant (“targeted”) advertising. Statistics demonstrate that the chances are high that a targeted advertisement will convert a user into a customer. When Amazon seems to follow you to any website you visit and then throws up highly relevant ads, that’s …

Facebook Incorporates C.T.A Buttons for Business Pages

December 12, 2014 | By

What do you do – When you have a user base of 1.35 billion and counting? When your market capitalization is north of $200 billion and climbing? Well, you find newer ways to make money out of your business! That’s exactly what’s driving the world’s largest social media giant. Facebook will soon be launching a Call-To-Action button for its business users who were complaining since a very long time for the lack of incentives for having a Facebook Page! This feature that is to be launched shortly will first be available across the United States and then the rest of the world. Facebook will initially provide CTAs like – Contact Us, Shop Now, Sign Up, Book Now, Watch Video, Use App and Play Game. These links could take you to any destination on or off Facebook depending on the needs of the business entity that is using them. Businesses are glad that going forward they can have a strong CTA on their Facebook Page so that they can get more leads or conversions as the case may be. CTAs for Businesses Contact Us – A general CTA to know more about a business Shop Now – Ecommerce portals Sign Up …

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