Facebook Acquires LiveRail and Twitter Picks up TapCommerce

July 4, 2014 | By

Facebook The latest addition to Facebook is LiveRail, an online video advertising company that provides premium publishers the technology to sell video inventory across all devices. LiveRail connects publishers to major ad networks, Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs), trading desks and exchanges. It uses a combination of real-time bidding and proprietary market data. LiveRail will be functioning as a wholly owned subsidiary of Facebook and will be integrating its data with Facebook’s to improve user targeting and display better ads. Video ads’ increasing popularity has propelled marketers to take serious note of it. Now, social platforms are catering to marketers’ video ad requirements. Plus, industry trends are leaning towards programmatic ad buying and Facebook’s acquisition of LiveRail underlines the importance of this trend. With LiveRail’s capabilities, marketers will now be able to harness the power of videos ads and will take Facebook’s user reach and user engagement to a different level. Twitter Treading on the path of boosting its mobile ad offering, Twitter has announced that it will be acquiring TapCommerce, a leading mobile retargeting and re-engagement advertising company. After its acquisition of MoPub, Twitter says it has been working on improving its mobile advertising capabilities. Users are increasingly juggling different media …

Google My Business Launch and Facebook Plans to Sell Web Browsing Data

June 13, 2014 | By

Google Based on brands’ feedback that it’s tough to find their loyal customers, Google is making it easier for businesses to connect with the latter. Here comes ‘Google My Business’…a free and easy way for brands to connect with customers wherever they are. With Google My Business, you can: Update business information on Google Search, Maps and Google+ from one place making it easy for customers to connect with you. This also helps in making sure you provide consistent information to customers across platforms. Add pictures of your business and provide customers with a virtual tour of your business, giving them a glimpse of your company Connect with your customers on Google+ by sharing updates about events and important news Monitor and respond to Google reviews Gain insights and integration with AdWords Express and understand how people find and interact with you Manage your brand’s information even when you are on the move with the Google My Business Android app and the soon-to-be launched iOS app Google will be moving brands using Places for Business and the Google+ Dashboard onto Google My Business along with adding new businesses. Facebook User browsing data and information about the apps they have downloaded …

Facebook Top Performers – News Feed Ads, Custom Audiences and Mobile Ads [Study]

January 27, 2014 | By

      Facebook news feed ads have shown impressive ROI figures in a recent study by Marin Software. The study found that news feed ads in Q3 2013 displayed 44 times higher CTR and 5x increase in conversion rate when compared to the ads that appeared on the Right-Hand Side (RHS) of Facebook. The news feed ads not only outshone RHS ads, they also have a 67% lower CPC. Marketers have noticed the high performance levels of news feed ads. Marin Software found that marketers increased their news feed ads spend by 140% in the same quarter. News Feed Redesign & Native Advertising Facebook’s recent news feed redesign may have had a hand in boosting the performance capabilities of news feed ads. As the news feed became more visual-oriented post the redesign, the news feed content requirements for brands also changed; thereby also affecting news feed ad content and probably, their performance. The current emphasis on visuals in digital marketing is also a catalyst here. Another factor that probably is in play is that the Facebook newsfeed is a great platform for native advertising. Advertisers can subtly slip their messages into the viewers news feed and the better targeted …

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Social Media User Engagement – Facebook is Still King [Study]

January 20, 2014 | By

Many social networks were launched in the last few years and attained a respectable amount of popularity. They’ve found their place in brands’ social strategies. But, it looks like Facebook is not relinquishing its hold on the market anytime soon… A recent study by Pew Research Center found that Facebook is the dominant network for user engagement followed by LinkedIn and Pinterest. 71% adults had Facebook accounts in 2013 as opposed to 22% and 21% on LinkedIn and Pinterest respectively. What Facebook is also succeeding in is drawing users to login multiple times in a day. While 63% of Facebook users check the site at least once a day, 40% login multiple times. According to the study, 36% adults use only one social network. A whopping 84% of those who use only one major social network said that Facebook is the chosen site. How does this affect B2B marketers in specific? Facebook is an indispensable part of most marketers’ social strategy. B2B marketers are also using Facebook organically and through paid ads for various purposes ranging from building a strong audience base to selling their products. The principles of using Facebook for marketing don’t change too much whether it is …

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