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April 8, 2011 | By View Linkedin Profile

This week’s hot news, events and videos from the online marketing and social media world. Social Strategy: Why You Aren’t Getting What You Need Out Of Social Media Monitoring… Yet. Open Social: Why Hide your Social Media Presence? How-to: Integrating Twitter and Facebook Marketing in your Business. Social Budget: Giant Social Media Red Flag: Is Your CMO Tuned Out? Flashback: 6 Painful Social Media Screwups. Functionality: How Google Instant’s Autocomplete Suggestions Work. Balancing Act: Larry Page Just Tied ALL Employees’ Bonuses To The Success Of Google’s Social Strategy. Analytics Tips: Use Google Analytics to Develop Social Media Strategy. Lesson: Ten Things We Can Learn About Google SEO – from Angry Birds. SEO Tips: How to Optimize Your Images For Search Engine Traffic.   Video of the Week YouTube Recasts for New Viewers. Google Plans to Organize Site Around ‘Channels,’ Fund Original Content as TV and Web Converge. If you are reading this blog post via a RSS reader, please click here to subscribe.

3 Recommendations for Effective Social Media Engagement

March 24, 2011 | By View Linkedin Profile

A growing number of companies are jumping on to the social media bandwagon, with Facebook Pages and Twitter streams helping them reach out to worldwide markets and supplementing traditional blogs and media handouts, with a community of followers that can be reached quickly and cost-effectively. Companies are also discovering the risks of outsourcing the “engagement” bit of their social media strategy. There are several pitfalls to be avoided with social media, and we will cover them in detail soon. When it comes to engagement, however, with social media usage being a relatively recently phenomenon, it is clear that there is no single established “best strategy”, but rather, a collection of strategies that work together while approaching the medium in different ways. A recent Forrester Research report delineates the most important steps companies can take to better engage their social media audience: …In 2011, success and differentiation within social channels will come from distinctions in strategy and not just tactics. Being present in your customers’ preferred social channels may be a best practice, but superior social media marketing results will only be delivered by: Focusing on engagement. Working as much internally as externally. Moving past ROI paralysis. Brands are moving from …

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Tracking The Buzz On Apple’s iPad

February 2, 2010 | By View Linkedin Profile

The Internet was abuzz with the launch of Apple’s iPad. While the world was busy reacting to the iPad, our team set out monitoring social networks to track iPad buzz. We tracked activity from January 27 through February 28. The results are here to see! Priced modestly at $499 for the 16GB base version, the iPad packs in quite a punch. Compared to e-readers, this sleek unit has a stunning screen, wireless broadband connectivity, a touchscreen and the ability to run over 100,000 iPhone apps. However, the iPad has received mixed reactions online. Critics have written about missing features like a camera, flash and the fact that it cannot multitask. You cannot listen to your favorite Pandora station while writing an email. At the same time, with winners like the iPod, iPhone and iMac, it’s hard to count Apple out. Below is a summary of the tracking study. Number Of Mentions – Apple iPad Among social networks, there was an explosion of Tweets with over 5.2 million posts. There were 70,796 news articles, 199,979 forum posts and 246,886 blog entries. Rarely would you see so many articles about a product launch, even an Apple one. Overall Popularity After a burst …

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Social Media For Dummies

December 14, 2009 | By View Linkedin Profile

Social media has been the buzzword for quite sometime now. It’s here to stay. In simple terms, social media is the usage of social networks, blogs, social bookmarking, videos etc to facilitate social interaction. The main aim here is engagement through conversation. Content is king when it comes to social media because it is user-generated. Social media is more like a dialogue unlike traditional media where communication is one-way. Social media and its importance in website promotion: Social networking websites include Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn etc. Digg, Delicious and StumbleUpon are examples of social bookmarking tools. YouTube and metacafe are popular video sharing sites. Sites like Blogger, WordPress and Typepad are blog hosting sites. Twitter is an excellent example of micro-blogging. It is also one of the most viral platforms on the web. Social networks like Facebook are popular social media tools. With more than 300 million active users and more than 70 translations available on the site, Facebook is kind of a big deal. It is a huge social media platform where companies engage users through fan pages, groups and events. Facebook also allows businesses to create ads. Microblogging platforms such as Twitter are viral platforms. Twitter facilitates instant interaction. …

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