Social Media for Enterprise [Infographic]

October 28, 2014 | By

Today if your brand is not present on social networking sites you are unwittingly losing out to your competition. Companies around the world are investing heavily in social media marketing in order to ensure favorable customer engagement. Here’s a quick primer of what the social media world looks like in terms of enterprise participation. This might just spur you to take the plunge and actively incorporate an integrated social media strategy backed by real-time analytics, to power your digital marketing campaigns.

LinkedIn Gives Users Control Over Their Data and Facebook’s New Ad Format Gives Brands Better Visibility

September 5, 2014 | By

LinkedIn LinkedIn has decided to be more transparent when dealing with your user data. You can now request data about your account from LinkedIn and within 72 hours you will get a host of information that you can use as you deem fit. This information includes Registration information, Login history, email history, your first degree contacts, photos that you have uploaded and a lot more. So how will this help LinkedIn Users? It is going to be hugely beneficial for users since they can now keep a close tab on their accounts with a little help from the social networking site. You can now manage your account better and make the best of it for networking in a more professional way. LinkedIn has been steadily growing its user base over the years. The networking site is being used by people more for professional interactions rather than personal associations. So this tool now will immensely help professionals to keep track of their online identity. You can now get all your information, contacts, interactions, uploads and related things in one place. This feature from LinkedIn puts you in the driver’s seat. It also offers the users an added sense of security. You …

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Twitter Opens Analytics to All Users and Facebook Allows Advertisers to Target Mobile Users by Bandwidth

September 1, 2014 | By

Twitter The micro-blogging site has given all users access to its analytics feature. This was initially limited to advertisers, Twitter Card publishers and verified users only. Twitter Analytics provides real time insights into how your tweet is performing by showing you the impressions, clicks, retweets and replies for each tweet. You can also get a report on monthly engagement and engagement rates for your account and download Tweet metrics. This has been an eye-opener for many users since they realized that their organic reach and engagement rates are not at par with their expectations. But, in the future, this could be a very useful tool to measure your Twitter campaigns. The Analytics feature is available to people who tweet primarily in English, French, Japanese and Spanish and who have had an account for at least two weeks. Twitter is looking out to extend this service to the rest of the users, though the company did not specify a time frame. Twitter has become very popular in recent times, for news dissemination, joining forces for a crucial cause and the like. The analytics dashboard will help you gauge the reach and engagement of every tweet. This insight is helpful in making …

Facebook Eliminates Like Gating and Twitter Launches Promoted Video

August 18, 2014 | By

Facebook ‘Like’ Gating In a blog post on their Developers’ page, Facebook recently announced that from November 5, 2014, they will be eliminating ‘like gating’ for Facebook pages. In the near future, this might be a setback for brands that relied on fan gating to grow their fan base. However, in the long run, brands can focus on gaining relevant fans who also engage with the brand. Brands can run Facebook campaigns that don’t require fans to like their Page in order to participate in the campaign. You may lose out a few likes by doing this, but you will gaining relevant fans who will engage much more with your content. What’s more, when you don’t insist on Page likes, you might gain other valuable information such as email addresses. Twitter Promoted Video Twitter has launched the Promoted Video feature in beta. The Promoted Video feature draws on the Twitter Amplify program and provides quality content producers a set of new video tools. According to Twitter, Promoted videos will help brands upload and share videos on the Twitter platform while also measuring reach and effectiveness better. Twitter has also started offering the ability to run ads with a new Cost …

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