Google Patent Enables Socializing Through Software and Twitter Launches Tailored Audiences

December 6, 2013

How Does the Software Work


Google has filed a patent for software that would help manage your social presence better.

How Does the Software Work?

The software proactively makes a study of your tone of voice through all your social accounts. It then automatically suggests updates and replies for future posts.

However, the catch here is that you need to grant Google access to your entire online presence. Though this might cause some companies to panic, there is an opt-in feature. Users can choose the exact accounts Google would have access to.

This effectively means that you can lean back and leave your social profile management to the software.

Here's an illustration that explains how the software works.

Impact on Marketers

This software, once launched, ...

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Google Analytics Turns 8, Twitter Introduces Customized Timelines and Improvises Mobile Targeting

November 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Google Analytics
It’s time to wish Google’s measurement tool a happy birthday! Well, it’s actually a belated birthday wish…Google Analytics (GA) was launched on 14 November in 2005.

Moving on…


The latest offering from the social site is the ability to create custom timelines. Being able to create customized timelines places more power in the hands of users since they can control how tweets are organized and delivered on the Twitter platform.

Users can give timelines names and pick the tweets they want as a part of the timeline. Users can add tweets manually and also programmatically using the API. So whether you’re an individual user or a brand moderating ... Read more...

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Google+ Continues Emphasis on Visuals and Twitter Makes Tweets More Visual

October 31, 2013

location sharing



Hangouts now include the following features:
  • Hangouts for Android now support location sharing. Users can now send a map of their location instead of finding and typing an address.
  • Users can send and receive SMSs
  • Animated GIFs can be played inline
  • Hangouts On Air can now be scheduled and promoted on a dedicated watch page. Once the event is live, the Control Room lets broadcasters moderate the conversation.
  • Video calling experience is improved with full screen mode available across mobile and desktop and webcam lighting is enhanced automatically.
Photos and Videos

Google+ also made upgrades to photo and video features:
  • Full size backups and background sync are coming to Google+ for iOS soon.
  • Google+ can now recognize ...

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Online Video Guidelines for Brands, Twitter vs. Facebook and much more … | Best of the Week

September 6, 2013

Online Videos - A Powerful Tool for Brands

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