LinkedIn Targets Users Off-platform

February 23, 2015 | By View Linkedin Profile

LinkedIn is all set to monetize its users’ data outside its own platform. The business-oriented social networking site has come to realize that it is sitting on a mother lode of user data on the Internet. It has a precise database of corporate world professionals that is much sought-after by B2B advertisers worldwide. With LinkedIn, the user identity is authenticated which is critical for business transactions. It is also a budding platform for reputation and authority ranking. Targeting B2B professional services could be a real opportunity on this platform. For LinkedIn it all started with the Bizo acquisition. Bizo offers

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Twitter Goes All Out to Expand its Ads Program

January 12, 2015 | By View Linkedin Profile

The micro-blogging site has been trailing behind the numero uno social networking site, when it comes to number of users as well as earning precious ad revenue. But 2015 seems to the right time for Twitter to close that gap and leapfrog its way to become a leading destination for advertisers to showcase their latest digital promotions. Going forward, Twitter will be showing ads on third party sites and apps for all those people who see Tweets all over the web without actually using Twitter. This way Twitter can start making money from non-users as well. At the Consumer Electronics Show

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Twitter’s new Feature Offers Personalized Ad Targeting

November 28, 2014 | By View Linkedin Profile

The micro blogging giant, Twitter on Wednesday announced that it will be collecting the list of applications installed on iOS and Android devices. Twitter clarified that it will not access any data within those applications on all its users’ mobile devices. This feature is designed to deliver tailored content that users might be interested in based on their application library. For those of us skeptical about this feature, Twitter is offering an opt-out option. Additionally, users who have opted out of internet-based ads on their devices will not be subjected to this feature. The App Graph, as it is called,

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IBM and Twitter Come Together in a Landmark Data Deal

November 3, 2014 | By View Linkedin Profile

The technology and consulting giant IBM recently joined hands with the micro-blogging site Twitter. This partnership will peer into people-to-people communication and gather insightful leads from it. Today Twitter is one of the biggest social networking sites and IBM has been one of the legendary organizations of the computing world for a long time. IBM will offer Twitter access to its cloud-based tools like IBM Watson Analytics. The IBM Watson is a major artificial intelligence breakthrough that makes sense of users’ queries more like a human and less like a machine. You don’t program the IBM Watson, you just work

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