12 Tips to build your Facebook Followers

Facebook followers

Your Facebook followers’ number isn’t the best measure of your brand’s Facebook success. True.

Facebook followers are not of much use to your brand. False.

Your followers constitute your audience reach on Facebook. If their numbers are low, the audience who’ll be exposed to your campaigns will also be small. You need to build your follower numbers if you want to have successful Facebook campaigns.

Here are 12 tips and tricks to increase your Facebook following:

  1. Focus on Design: Visuals will be the first thing people will see when they come to your page. So this is a crucial part in retaining followers and attracting new followers. You need to speak to page visitors through your profile and cover pictures.
  2. Network with other similar pages: Similar pages cater to a demographic with interests similar to your target audience’s. Be an interactive contributor adding value to conversations through comments. Maintain a constant tie-up with page admins. This is a great chance for you to cross-promote each other. Build relationships which will add to meaningful connections. This kind of work takes time but it will help you in getting your company more page visibility.Also, take up joint ventures like hosting webinars with other similar companies in your overall marketing plan. Such joint ventures not only build meaningful associations in general marketing channels, they also help build your Facebook following. You can increase your reach and visibility with such ventures.
  3. Post unique content: Content still rules the roost and when your content is shared, your brand name travels on the same train reaching scores of people. Posting photos that stand out is a great idea along with sharing good content.Customize your page with relevant and interesting content. Draw up a list of topics that your target audience will find interesting, prepare a calendar and determine the posting frequency. Provide useful information tidbits to people. Share inspiring stories from your company. Start creating a space where people can come to learn and share. Consistent engagement leads to increased audience visibility and perhaps, more followers.
    You can upload photos that convey your message or you can ask people upload photos that best reminds them of your brand. You can also share great quotes, ones related to your brand and also unrelated ones. But the unrelated quotes should be really good so that people don’t get annoyed about the random content you’re posting.
    Whenever you’re posting photos, make sure that you are adhering to all the photo copyright laws.
  4. Engage actively on your page: It is fans who really ‘own’ your Facebook page. Due to this, engagement may occur at any time. You need to be primed to respond quickly to comments and messages and prove to your followers that your page is worth following and engaging with. This helps in building a strong target audience that engages, shares and uses the services you promote
  5. Promote your brand page on your personal page: It would be good if you post about your brand’s Facebook page on your personal page. Particularly, if you’re an industry bigwig, such posts will have more of a top-notch industry audience.If you want more people to like your page, make it easier for them by tagging your brand’s page in your update. This way, people can just move the cursor over your page name and like it directly from the update.
  6. Connect your personal page to your brand’s page: Make it as easy as possible for people to find your brand’s Facebook page.When your employees mention their work place and it’s not linked properly to your brand’s page, another community page is created. This is misleading for people who are looking for your actual company page. Fortunately, this can be remedied easily. You just need to delete the community page from the “Word and Education” section in your profile and add the right (official) page.
  7. Add a Facebook icon in your email signature: You send a lot of emails in a day. You also do your regular email blasts. Have you considered the potential of these emails in getting you more Facebook followers? Go ahead and add a Facebook icon to your email signature. There are a lot of email signature tools available on the web.
  8. Launch a Facebook contest: Facebook contests are great opportunities to garner more followers for your page. A contest means you’ve to spend money, but hey, you do have some marketing budget, right? The apps you need to run Facebook contests are inexpensive and can be easily set up. Post contests and polls on your page to increase engagement. Even a simple contest where you ask people to upload creative photos of them with your products and declare a “fan of the week” will capture people’s attention.
    You can not only promote your product/s in a fun way, a contest which requires people to like your page to enter it is another great opportunity to get more page followers. When you’re running a contest on Facebook you will also promote the contest through emails. This is a way to get people in your email list to like your page and enter the contest.
  9. Don’t forget QR codes: You can use your business cards also to generate more Facebook followers for your page. Add a QR code to the back of your business card. Make it easy for those whom you know personally to follow your company on Facebook. You can create QR codes easily and freely on sites like QR Stuff, Kaywa and Qurify. Use the link for your Facebook page and create the QR code for your business card.
  10. Promote your page on Facebook: Make optimum use of the Facebook advertising features to generate page followers by advertising about your page. You can also ask people to like your Facebook page from your blog/website.Use a Sponsored Like Story that will make your story visible to friends of current followers and provide social proof of their friends liking your page. You can use the Sponsored Like Story to target friends of current followers. You can use the usual Facebook Targeting features to narrow the audience down to your specific demographic.
  11. Use a Like Box: A Like Box is one of the biggest sources of likes for a page if the site gets good traffic. You can add a Like Box by going to the Facebook Developers site where you need to add the URL of your Facebook page, configure your preferred Like Box settings and finally click “Get Code”.
    It is then a choice between HTML5, XFBML, iFrame or URL. For most of the WordPress sites, you can choose XFBML, iFrame or HTML5 for the code. However, your selected WordPress theme may affect your choice among these. The best thing to do here is to paste your code into a text widget in your sidebar.
  12. Analyze: Like any other campaign, a strategy to increase your Facebook followers also needs to be analyzed regularly to find out what’s working and what’s not. Facebook Insights give great ‘insight’ into the levels of engagement and growth achieved on your page. Insights show you the number of likes and unlikes you are getting, the number of people a post has reached, how much time people are spending on your page etc. You can also use Google Analytics to measure your Facebook page’s success.

Use these tips and build the number of followers for your Facebook page. After all, of what use are all your rocking Facebook promotional campaigns if there aren’t enough people to see it?

Tell us if you know of any more tips!

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Team Position²

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