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Author: Binny Kurian

Binny helps businesses/marketing leaders develop their online marketing initiatives, extend their reach and measure results. A large part of this involves strategic consulting on search engine marketing and working with emerging digital technologies.

Away from work, Binny is interested in reading, traveling and food.

Blogs by the author

Google Updates Call Extensions Feature

By Binny Kurian

Posted in

Image Source: Fonolo If you are an AdWords user who has been waiting for an opportunity to utilize the Google call extension feature, [...]

An Overview of Google AdWords’ Paid and Organic Report

By Binny Kurian

Google has rolled out a brand new feature; Paid and Organic report in AdWords that gives advertisers at-a-glance insights into query [...]

Tips for Running a Search Re-Targeting Campaign

By Binny Kurian

Posted in

Search re-targeting became one of the fastest growing trends in 2012 and it is expected to surpass projections this year. So what is [...]