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Rahul Banerjee

Author: Rahul Banerjee

Rahul Banerjee is the Head of SEO, Content Marketing at Position2 Inc. and has over 13 years of extensive experience in SEO, Digital Marketing, Analytics, Market Research and Business Intelligence. He has planned and executed online marketing strategies for a number of different industry verticals. Rahul is a graduate in Commerce with a Master’s degree in Planning & Entrepreneurship. He currently lives in Bangalore, India with his family.

Blogs by the author

Are you SEO Ready for Smartphones?

By Rahul Banerjee

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Mobile SEO Essentials 4.22 billion people worldwide are expected to use smartphones in 2014. But, most marketers still don’t understand [...]

Google Hummingbird Algorithm Update – All You Need to Know

By Rahul Banerjee

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Hummingbird, Google’s latest search algorithm update is definitely a welcome move. At Position² we see the value this update adds for [...]