Effective Video Marketing – A Game Changer!

Let’s start by taking a look at one of the most effective viral video campaign of all time: Evian’s record-smashing Live Young campaign.

It is one of only two brands with over 100 million views on YouTube alone; it has won countless awards and broken all kinds of records. It is likely to cross the 200 million viewers mark this year.

That’s 200 million people who will choose to watch the video! The number excludes pre-roll or auto-play runs that interrupt viewing.

Evian’s Roller Babies video
is part of the Live Young campaign.

The video has over 54 million views on the official YouTube video. With an estimated total of 100 million plus views across the web, it has been pegged as the most popular online advertisement ever.

But there may be a far more interesting, and impactful, outcome: 95% of the people in France (one of the countries where the ad was launched) who watched the video online had not seen it on TV!

This adds to the growing argument for online videos to run alongside – perhaps even replace – traditional media channels.

Americans streamed 43.5 billion videos in December 2011, up 44% since December 2010, according to comScore’s 2012 US Digital Future In Focus report released last month.

Growth in Total Online Video Content

Online video viewing is not unlike how people watch TV. But a critical difference is that the viewers can comment and share their opinion online globally, in real time.

Over 80% of people who watched the Roller Babies video in either France or America considered discussing it; over 65% wanted to share it.

When you allow commenting on your video and add social media sharing buttons, there is an immediate buzz. Viewers encouraged to be interactive provide additional text to your website and increase the amount of inbound links.

Address the consumer-brand interaction creatively, and customer allegiance could push your brand into the “loyalty beyond reason” Lovemark zone.

Remember The Man Your Man Could Smell Like? Yes, the Old Spice guy.
The overwhelming response to the launch campaign prompted one of the most memorable social media campaigns to-date: a two-day marathon of high-quality, personalized video responses from The Man to questions from fans.

This superfast, individual reaction on user feedback (read, consumer-brand interaction) resulted in a 107% hike in short-term sales for Old Spice, and the campaign collected an incredible 40 million video views in one week!

A successful video campaign doesn’t happen by chance. Or magic. Techniques, smart thinking, social media knowledge and proper planning are important factors. If you want millions of people to watch and share your viral video, then yes, content is key.

Marketing videos can be personalized; they can even be geographically targeted (and in the language of the viewer). The turnaround time for a video campaign execution is minimal, and cost effective. Videos can provide value and engage the customer which leads to longer view time on the site.
Google, Yahoo, Bing and most search engines will give high rankings to videos if you create interesting video content based on your targeted keyword/topic.

Here are 7 tips for effective video marketing:

  1. Include keywords as text in the file name, video title, tags, video URL and link text. Make sure the file name clearly describes your video content
  2. Place your video in context: for example, write a blog post around the video and embed the video within the post
  3. Allow users to add comments, and always make the video embeddable so that it can be easily shared
  4. Include brief description of the video while sharing/uploading it across video sites
  5. Re-Purpose the video: take images of the video and upload them on image-sharing websites
  6. Bookmark the video and share it on popular websites such as Delicious, Stumbledupon, Digg etc
  7. Create a video sitemap that sends search engines all the information on your video (title, description, size, keywords, category, family friendly, thumbnail image, etc.)
Team Position²

Team Position²

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