Facebook – Now showing Ads based on people’s offline shopping habits

Facebook adsThis Wednesday our Facebook self woke up to the social site’s announcement that it’s Custom Audiences tool is now enabled to show more relevant ads to people using information about their offline shopping habits.

This is possible because of Facebook’s deals with data gathering firms Datalogix, Acxiom, Epsilon and BlueKai. These firms will use their customer offline purchase records in Facebook’s Custom Audiences tool. Until now, brands were able to identify Facebook users by their Facebook ID, phone number or email address. Now, you can match this information with data from the above firms that is obtained through shopper loyalty programs.

Facebook’s deals will let you target your audience by generic products segments. For example, if you are an automobile manufacturer, you can show custom ads to people who you know are in the market for a new car that fits your product’s description.

Facebook’s selected partners use a privacy and data protective process similar to the current Custom Audiences tool. The process is designed in such a way that Facebook doesn’t share any private details of individuals with marketers. Users will still have the current control they have over the ads they see on Facebook. Users can learn more about the ads they view, give their feedback or opt out of seeing the ads using the controls in the ad itself or in the Help Center.

Displaying relevant ads to the right people is a mutually rewarding experience for both people and brands. Seeing an ad with exactly the information they are looking for is immensely helpful for people. Plus, businesses can increase their Facebook ad campaigns’ effectiveness by showing the right ads to the right people. Here are two illustrations of businesses having done the same:

  • A Chicago car dealership, Castle Auto Group, witnessed a 24x return on their Facebook ad spend by combining Facebook offers with the Custom Audiences tool to their current target audience.
  • Kingnet, a game developer in Hong Kong experienced more than 40% decrease in cost-per-installs of its action role playing game by making use of Custom Audiences.

The rollout of these enhancements is spread over the next few weeks. Facebook is starting out with the marketers in the U.S first.

Do you think this new enhancement of Facebook will help marketers get more ROI out of their Facebook ad campaigns? Let us know in your comments…

Team Position²

Team Position²

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