Google’s Penguin Update: Impact on Traditional SEO

In late April Google updated its search results algorithm again. This update, called as Penguin, was mainly targeted at penalizing sites that have been spamming Google and violating Google’s guidelines.

According to Google, Penguin will target sites that are mainly practicing web spam tactics. For example:

  1. Link schemes: Simply put “abusive link building strategies”. Sites being impacted include those that manipulate the content or get links from sites that are not relevant. Many SEO practitioners have used these methods to gain higher rankings on the search results page.
  2. Keyword stuffing: This is not new to SEO. It’s a practice where one tries to game the algorithm by adding excessive number of keywords to the pages and/or hiding keywords on the page.
  3. Cloaking: A practice where users and search engines are served different content or URLs.

How is Traditional SEO Impacted

This update is a game changer of sorts. But there is still hope. One can and should continue with all SEO best practices and there are definitely many ways to make SEO work. Here’s a list of things you should focus on immediately:

  1. Content is still king. Focus on the right and relevant content, the freshness and frequency of it.
  2. Promote your assets through social media and authority sites. This will give you the opportunity to share content and get links that have importance.
  3. Obtain links from authority and relevant sites. This should be a natural process, meaning there needs to be a natural fit, and definitely not spam.
  4. Most importantly start cleaning up any spam that might have been created due to any past activities. Get rid of and stop paid link building campaigns.

Position²’s Point of View

Position² and our SEO team welcome this update! Penguin supports good SEO practices and helps reduce spam.

At Position² we are encouraging our clients (and ourselves) to start looking beyond traditional SEO. While content continues to be critical and we optimize that for our clients regularly, there is now a significant need to go beyond that. Social media is starting to play a major role and is proving to be an important catalyst for SEO’s success.

We believe that, especially in the wake of Penguin, our SEO process which is a combination of On-Page optimization, off-page activities, and asset repurpose and distribution (EVA) will help propel our client and partner websites to higher ranks.”

Contributed by Sajjan – GM, Performance Leads Position²

Team Position²

Team Position²

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