Importance of Behavioral Data in Automated Marketing Campaigns

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Target audience behavioral data is invaluable for any brand. But why?

Here’s why…

Structuring automated marketing campaigns based on consumer needs and their web footprints turn the tide in a brand’s favor by improving their chances of gaining more leads. If you offer exactly the content your customer/prospect needs every time you contact them, they (leads) will regard you as a provider of relevant information and have a favorable opinion of your brand.

Using behavioral data in not only contributes to better lead nurturing, it also captures consumers’ attention better. With innumerable brands jostling for the consumers’ attention today, it’s imperative that brands factor in behavioral data if it wants to gain consumers’ attention. Gaining this attention is made easy by personalized marketing messages that use behavioral data. If you know what a particular customer wants and your brand is able to offer it then think of the positive results you could achieve if you offer the product to the customer when he is actually searching for it…

Behavioral Data in the Social Sphere

Further proof of the importance of behavioral data in the online space today is seen in the emergence of Facebook’s ads based on consumers’ offline shopping habits and Google’s Affinity Segments.

Facebook’s offering lets brands put out better targeted ads using the clues consumers leave with their offline shopping habits. Courtesy of Facebook’s deal with a few data gathering firms, brands can make use of people’s offline shopping details while working on their Facebook ads.
Mazda tried out Affinity Segments to promote the Mazda6
Google’s Affinity Segments lets brands target consumers based on their interest categories. So if you are an automobile maker and your ad is displayed to an auto enthusiast, the chances of getting a good ROI are higher than with someone who isn’t interested in automobiles.

The fact that top players from the web world like Facebook and Google have taken behavioral data seriously is quite significant.

So, don’t you think you need to start considering this? Well, that was a rhetorical question and all of us know the answer to that.

However, the reality is very different from what it ought to be…

Current Status of Behavioral Data Usage

Ways B2B Marketers use marketing Automation
Forrester recently surveyed 157 US marketers in a report commissioned by Silverpop. The findings were surprising.

According to the report, only 45% of marketers are capturing behavioral data in an efficient and actionable way. It’s not that marketers aren’t aware of the benefits of behavioral data. The same study found that ROI and customer satisfaction/loyalty were the biggest perceived benefits of behavioral data at 44% and 42%.

So what’s stopping marketers from leveraging all the customer data they have in an efficient and actionable manner? One reason can be lack of organization. According to eMarketer, though 36.7% of B2B marketers are using marketing automation to generate leads, 59% are finding it tough to meet the changing needs of B2B prospects because of lack of budgets and resources to implement new strategies.

Once integrated, behavioral data can do a lot for your marketing efforts making it worth focusing on.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of using behavioral data:

More Revenue from your Sales Pipeline

The Forrester study also observed that B2B marketers attributed 34% of total sales pipelines to behavioral marketing, which is nearly 10% higher than their peers at 26%. The B2C space also reported similar results with B2C marketers saying 26% of their revenues came from behavioral programs compared to just 21% revenues declared by their peers.

Increased Customer Delight

You’ll be a bigger hit with consumers when your marketing messages are customized due to your using behavioral data. After all, you’re making things easy for them where they don’t have to search for what they want because you’re offering it to them in your content. In the rush of today’s world, time saved is much appreciated by busy folk.

Creating Customized Ads Is Easier

With the tools Facebook and Google are offering it’s easier to create custom ads using behavioral data on your social profiles too. The content you put out through social profiles is also a part of your marketing communication after all. With these sites providing the data themselves, integrating behavioral data into ads will be easier. For instances where consumer behavioral data isn’t provided by other sources, brands will have to rely on their own sources. Custom ads will also help cut down on people getting irked with your generic content.

Better Customer Relations

When your customers are happy being associated with your brand, your relationship with them will also get better. Your customer relationship executives will have an easier time interacting with customers. In support of this, a recent study found that 61% consumers feel more positive about a brand when marketing messages are personalized.

Personalized Marketing Messages

The changing needs of B2B and B2C prospects require marketers to take a detour from traditional marketing efforts. What marketers now need to do to increase automated campaign effectiveness is use behavioral data. As evidenced by the findings of the Forrester report, revenue from sales can increase with incorporation of behavioral data. As mentioned above, consumer preference for personalized marketing leads to usage of behavioral data. In the absence of this data, the brand wouldn’t know anything about the needs and wants of its target audience.

Behavioral data is one of the factors that are determining the direction of the winds of marketing success today. Are you going to follow the wind?

Drop in your comments and let us know.

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