Instagram – Visual marketing promotion for businesses (Part 2)

In our first installment, Instagram – Visual marketing promotion for businesses (Part 1), we illustrated how brands can go about building and growing their presence on Instagram.

This second installment will explain the best practices for brands on Instagram:

  • Advertise in a way that is less intrusive: Launch an idea/campaign and let your fans spread the message. If your photos interest your fans, they will share them. People find your advertising intrusive when they are not interested in its content. Sharing photos of fans’ interests makes your advertising less intrusive. Your brand’s credibility increases when people share your images than when you share it. Word of mouth is the best and most reliable form of publicity a brand can get.
  • Capitalize on people’s love for sharing: Everyone loves to share great moments captured in photos. As a brand, this is one trait that you can capitalize on. Post great photos and people will definitely start sharing your content when they notice it.

Instagram Image

  • Make your brand look interesting: Use the amazing filters of Instagram to make your photos look interesting.Take pictures of your products/services or candid shots of your workplace and apply filters and post them. Instagram gives brands the opportunity to establish their personality, thereby helping each brand look interesting and unique.
  • Quality photos: Make sure that you upload quality photos. Instagram users are a bunch of dedicated photo enthusiasts who care about the quality of photos uploaded on the site. This will surely help you gain followers.
  • Tag your location: Always tag your location in the photos that you upload so that it is easier for people to find you.
  • Follow your competitors: Follow competitors from your industry. It’s a great way to know what may be trending; you can also find new people to follow.

In what other creative ways are you using Instagram for your business? Tell us in the comments section below!

Team Position²

Team Position²

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