Online Videos – A Powerful Tool for Brands

The Rise of Online Videos

According to ComScore, 182.5 million Americans saw 39.3 billion online content videos in March this year. And…here’s the clincher…the number of video ad views hit an all-time high of 13.2 billion!!! The amount of corporate spending for is also high.

Now that’s got your attention, hasn’t it?

One reason why videos are popular with both brands and consumers is because promoting brand content through videos makes for more media-rich content. This not only makes a brand’s content inventory more diversified and rich, it also provides consumers with more interesting content.

Benefits of using Video in Email

And the Growth is Set to Continue

It’s not just the ‘now’ that’s looking bright for online videos. A Cisco study found that online video users are expected to double to 1.5 billion in 2016. An eMarketer study found that 55% marketers saw increased clickthrough rates after using video in email marketing and according to a 2012 Social Media Examiner report, 76% marketers planned to invest more in video marketing making it their top area of investment.

What Does this Mean for Marketers?

Online video is hot property right now. Swell! But what should marketers do?

It is of prime importance that marketers seriously start considering incorporation of video into their marketing arsenal. Despite the increasing importance of online videos, in a recent research, 43% marketers said that they don’t use video content in their emails for lack of video content available.

For those marketers who aren’t paying sufficient attention towards building their video library, here are a few basic tips to get started:

  • Identity the Right Medium for Your Brand Messages

    For some parts of your brand identity or message, an image or textual mailer may not be the best choice. They might require a more elaborate and expressive marketing channel like videos. For instance, for a ‘Do It Yourself’ message, a video is a better than a series of images.

  • Nail a Signature Look and Feel

    Your videos represent your brand and should carry your brand’s signature look & feel. All your videos should carry a unique style that consumers can identify with your brand even before they see your brand name. You also need to be mindful about your video tone. It needs to be appealing and pleasing without being condescending or pompous. There’s a thin line between confidence and arrogance, so tread carefully.

  • Establish an Overall Strategy

    You also need to set up the overall strategy you wish to accomplish through your video marketing efforts. Do you want to simply provide extra thrust to your larger marketing strategy? Or, do you want to achieve a specific agenda such as promotion of a new product? Frame a calendar to your strategy. This way it will be an organized process and you will stick to deadlines better.

  • Put Together a Video Team

    Have a dedicated team for video production. Making a video is a process that takes a lot of time and effort. So it helps to have a few people who are exclusively dedicated to it. Also make sure that your video team understands your brand identity, message, concept and strategy well.

So get going!

However, getting the video content ready is just a part of the process. The real task is in taking it viral.

Steps Brands Need to Take To Go Up the Virality Ladder

Here are some pointers on how to make your video go viral:

  • Viewers mostly share content that is relevant, entertaining, inspiring or cool. It’s important to think what your brand can say that will make viewers want to share it. In trying to develop such videos, don’t lose sight of your brand message. Your videos should not just be in line with your brand but its delivery should be appropriate to your brand image.
  • Have a presence on major video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Metatube etc. If a brand has a YouTube presence, they need to make sure they their channel is replete with the brand logo, an appropriate header banner, background and playlists.
  • Brands need to focus on social sharing and make sure that social buttons on spread out through all their social media accounts
  • Make use of paid ads to spread the brand dragnet wider
  • Embrace new trends in the video industry, such as Vine. (Check out this blog post to know how to make it big using Vine)
  • Make sure all your videos are optimized well for search.

The top two biggest brand videos of 2013 are:

Pepsi (shares = 912,572, views = 37,572,834)

Dove (shares = 714,432, views = 55,460,766)

Online Marketing Videos – Gazing into the Future

The continued upper seat of online video is likely to have the following effects on brands:

  • As more brands jostle for space in the online video sphere, it will become tougher for marketers to snag people’s attention. It’ll become more and more important to develop videos that are relevant, interesting and give viewers a good return on the time they spend.
  • Brands will have to improve their storytelling through video to break the clutter.
  • Brands will have to invest considerably in video production. According to eMarketer, digital video ad spending in the US will be $4.1 billion in 2013.

What are your thoughts about the video front? Tell us in your comments.

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