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Live Streaming: Next Big Thing In Social Media?

By Team Position²

Still posting quirky photos on Facebook? Tweeting yet more wordplay? Wake me when it’s over because right now it’s all about Live [...]

Paradigm Shifts – From TV to Digital, From Desktop to Mobile

By Team Position²

  The numbers are in. The verdict has been delivered. The paradigm shift is official. According to new research from Standard [...]

Cortex: Twitter Ramps Up Its Artificial Intelligence Efforts

By Team Position²

  The hunt is on at Twitter for engineers to ramp up the company’s artificial intelligence efforts. It calls the new team [...]

Mobile World Congress 2015 – Mobile Advertising

By Team Position²

Posted in

For the first time the Mobile World Congress (MWC), which just wound up in Barcelona in early March, anointed mobile marketing and [...]