Twitter beefs up Search Options and Introduces Trend Matching

Twitter more search options and keeping up with trendsSearch has been an integral part of Twitter where people look for what’s trending the world over. Twitter debuted Promoted Tweets in April 2010 in Search. Promoted Tweets are now a great way to target relevant audience with apt content.

The ‘tweeting’ social networking site is now introducing more features into the targeting options for Promoted Tweets in search.

Until now, you could choose from three different matching options when you’re entering keywords: exact match, phrase match, and basic keyword match. Twitter is now introducing negative keyword targeting.

So what is it that you can do with it?

You can use negative keyword targeting and prevent your Promoted Tweet from being pulled up when people search with particular keywords. Using Twitter’s own example to illustrate this feature, you’re a bacon seller advertising on Twitter. You want to set your campaign apart from “Kevin Bacon” (the actor, yes). So in such a situation, you can use negative keyword targeting and keep your Twitter campaign six degrees apart from him by adding “Kevin” as a negative keyword.

Twitter is also making it easy for you to align your Twitter advertising with your other online efforts by adding a bulk import tool that can be accessed from the “Import multiple keywords” button:

Targeted Search Results

The tool accepts imported keyword lists from other advertising platforms or you can also cut and paste from a document.

Another feature update is that you can match your Promoted Trends automatically to relevant and related trending topics in search. With the world moving so fast and new events breaking out every second, trends can quickly shoot up and tumble down.

To avoid getting buried by other newer trends, you can use this new matching option (this is enabled by default for new campaigns) and Twitter will use the relevancy signals of your Promoted Tweets and the Trend itself to aid increasing your campaign’s coverage automatically. For example, when a top brand announces that it’s looking for a technology partner who can implement photo filters for it is the Trend and you’re a company that specializes in photo filters, your Promoted Tweet may be entered into that trending search.

Both the automated matching to trending topics and the negative keyword matching are available world over from yesterday, December 13, 2012.

So what do you think people? Will these two feature updates that provide you with more control and powerful automation get you better ROI on your next Promoted Tweets campaign?

Let us know what you think of Twitter’s latest additions to its advertising features!

Team Position²

Team Position²

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