Mobile Advertising Set to Dominate

December 22, 2014 | By

The stage is set for the explosion of mobile advertising in the year 2015. Finally digital marketers are able to connect all the dots, tie all the loose ends, dot the i’s and cross the t’s. As a digital marketer your digital advertising strategy should be more mobile-centric, in order to reap rich dividends. Today’s users don’t need bulky desktops or laptops to enjoy a seamless web experience. As far as mobile form factor is concerned, smartphone and tablet screen size is large, the data speeds are awesome, and prices are affordable. More people today are browsing the Internet on the go. All this makes targeting prospects using mobile devices, lucrative and irresistible. The Mobile Paradox Comparing the above two spending, it is apparent that mobile advertising is still in its infancy. But that doesn’t mean that the mobile Internet users are a minority, anymore. For the first time since Internet was conceptualized, mobile internet users have actually overtaken non-mobile internet users. This gap will only widen in the days and years to come. The second chart shows a comparison of number of mobile ‘Internet users‘ vs. the total number of ‘Mobile phone users‘. The mobile Internet users’ statistics can no …

Google Launches “Store Visits”

December 19, 2014 | By

It’s an exciting time to be a digital marketer. You never know what’s in store for you in the digital world as you are in for a surprise the every other day. Google has just come up with a very pragmatic way to measure the effectiveness of your AdWords campaigns. Going forward it will try and link you online marketing campaigns to your offline sales! Since the last few years tablet and smart phone usage has proliferated quite sensationally around the world. People are using it more and more to visit ecommerce sites on the go. Due to the mobile form factor , the Internet user’s location can be determined easily and this is the basis for Google’s ‘Store Visit’ to see the light of the day. But there are privacy concerns as well. Google which had previously been embroiled in litigation regarding privacy now wants to steer clear of any such issues, with the launch of this new feature. It has reassured users that their data or location details will never be revealed to the advertisers. A New Era for Digital Marketers Even in this day and age of digital marketing, the truth is that brick and mortar stores …

Evolution of Content Marketing and much more…| Best of the Week

December 19, 2014 | By

This week’s hot news, events and videos from the online marketing and social media world. From the Position² Blog This Week: Evolution of Content Marketing ‘ Content is King’ is not just a cliché. Personalized content can propel your marketing campaigns from being just good to great. Read this blog to learn more about ways to deploy personalized content marketing now. The 8 Most Common Content Optimization Mistakes We Saw In 2014 Four Tips for Cooking Up and Serving Consumable Content The Life of a Content Asset : Tracking Real ROI 17 Crucial Web Design Trends for 2015 Programmatic Ads Can Now Be Served on Your Wearable Device 4 Bing PPC Predictions to Watch For in 2015 Best of the Week Video Watch this Whiteboard Friday video anchored by Rand Fishkin. He talks about organizing your web content to let Information Architecture help you in SEO White Paper: Increase Visibility for Your Content by 4x Today’s traditional SEO is inadequate: Ignite your search results by accelerating visibility in more places than ever before.Download this White Paper and learn: SEO, why the way we know it is not enough Introducing and implementing Enterprise Visibility Accelerator (EVA) Using multi-channel tracking tools for …

Evolution of Content Marketing

December 17, 2014 | By

We trace the shift in the approach to marketing with higher than ever emphasis on “creating meaningful experiences” for the audience. Global Content Marketing The traditional content marketing was very limited in ways of reach and effect. Content marketers traditionally ‘push’ what they have, to potential customers rather than what potential customers demand. Majority of the websites in the past are example of this traditional content marketing where content was deployed using a single common language (usually English) for visitors across the globe. A single website is developed online for the entire targeted areas to advertise or show all the available products, services and information The content is created without any targeting for specific geographies or regions The intent of the content is not customized to suit specific potential customers The tone of the content seems like a one-way communication The traditional content marketing was just like a seller offering what he had, not what the buyers needed or demanded. The dissemination of information was straightforward and limited. Geo-based Marketing (Localization of content) Globalization influences the reach of content. With business expansion and scattered target audience, a single website is not the best solution to market to the whole world. …

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