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Troubleshooting Direct Traffic in Google Analytics From the Position² Blog This Week:

Troubleshooting Direct Traffic in Google Analytics

Often we find data analysts and online marketing folks ask questions on ‘Direct Traffic’ in Google Analytics. The primary problem is the confusion around its definition. What does Direct Traffic in Google Analytics really mean? In this article we debunk the myth surrounding the definition and look at various unique situations impacting direct traffic that is often overlooked.

Top Stories this Week: Social Media

Top Stories this Week: SEO, PPC and Digital Media

Social Media in Marketing Mix Video of the Week
Where Social Media Fits in the Marketing Mix
The marketing mix has traditionally been made up of the “four Ps”: product, price, place and promotion. With social media, a fifth P — participation — has emerged. Adding participation to the traditional mix creates what Mikal Belicove calls a “viral loop” that shores up a greater amount of sales and leads.
Maximize ROI with Performance Leads for B2B
Position² designs a custom lead generation program for you like a digital marketing agency would do. And yes – you pay only for leads delivered. This is unlike lead generation networks who leverage their existing networks or sites to generate leads by running your creative in their sites along with others and waiting for leads – also called Spray & Pray!

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