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This week’s hot news, events and videos from the online marketing and social media world.

From the Position² Blog This Week:

7 Must-Dos to Keep Your SEO on Track in 2012
In the midst of Google Search Going Social, it is evident – more than ever before – that we need to tweak the way traditional SEO functions. For online queries, Google now weaves content from its social network service into its search formula to serve up personalized results. Read our 7 Must-Dos to Keep Your SEO on Track in 2012.

Top Stories this Week: Social Media

Top Stories this Week: SEO, PPC and Digital Media

Former Facebook PR Head Shares Strategy for Successful Launches Video of the Week
Former Facebook PR Head Shares Strategy for Successful Launches
In an interview with Mashable, Barker offered advice to startups, described the anatomy of a successful launch and takes us behind the scenes of some of the crises she had to navigate in her tenure at Facebook
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