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April 4, 2014
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Despite Strong Growth, Share of Online Display Advertising Spend Well Behind TV
This week’s hot news, events and videos from the online marketing and social media world.   From the Position² Blog This Week: ... Read more...

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What to Expect @ Marketo’s ‘The Marketing Nation Summit’, April 2014

April 3, 2014
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The Marketing Nation Summit!

Image Source: Marketo

The much awaited Marketing Nation Summit 2014 is here! The event is from 7-9 April. It promises to be intensive and is tagged as the “Marketing Event of the Year”. Innovation is the key area of focus and the event has been designed to offer many enriching ideas.

As an exhibitor, we at Position2 are excited to be in the midst of an atmosphere buzzing with ideas and insights.

Here’s an outline of the event’s agenda. The sessions are divided into 5 tracks to help you plan better:
  • Track 1: Planning and measuring
  • Track 2: Inbound marketing
  • Track 3: Relationship marketing
  • Track 4: Driving conversion
  • Track 5: By popular demand (includes topics ... Read more...

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Influencer Marketing for B2B

April 2, 2014
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‘Influencer Marketing’ – this concept has been doing the rounds in digital marketing for some time now. However, recent research on it suggests that it is picking up pace. Features like LinkedIn Influencers have made influencer marketing more powerful and the social media that carry it more persuasive.

For starters, here is a simple definition of influencer marketing as we understand it:

Influencer marketing is a marketing practice where brands leverage a person’s expertise and reputation in a specific area to launch/promote the brand’s products and services.

You can either market through influencers or to influencers. The former is more prevalent but marketing to influencers and making them your advocates is a powerful strategy too. Let’s look at the road more ... Read more...

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Globalization and Localization of Social Networks

March 31, 2014
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Digital Ad Spending Worldwide
Social networks are pouring a lot of resources into making sure they have a global footprint.

In the last few weeks, visual-centric social platform Pinterest has been investing in expanding its presence globally. The following list of countries and languages have been covered by Pinterest up until now:
  • India (Hindi)
  • Greece (Greek)
  • Hungary (Hungarian)
  • Romania (Romanian)
  • Thailand (Thai)
  • Philippines (Tagalog)
  • Malaysia (Malay)
  • Vietnam (Vietnamese)

It’s not only Pinterest

Other major social networks have been spreading their wings worldwide from quite some time. Expectedly, Google spearheaded this initiative. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are also available in multiple languages. With communication becoming more advanced by the day and increasing number of people connecting with each other, globalization of social networks was imperative. At the same time, ... Read more...

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