Best of the Week | Deep Dive Into Google’s App Indexing, and much more…

May 15, 2015 | By

This week’s hot news, events and videos from the online marketing and social media world. From the Position² Blog This Week: Deep Dive Into Google’s App Indexing Have you ever wondered how apps are indexed by Google just like websites? Read this blog to learn how Google’s App Indexing works. 5 Reasons Your Inbound Marketing Campaign is a Flop Four B-to-B Lessons from Magic Johnson: Sirius Decisions Summit 2015 3 Ways to Make Your B2B Brand Break the Content Mold How the Right Social Insights Can Boost Your Click-Through Rates 6 Places to Publish Content to Boost Local SEO 4 Tips to Diagnose Your Display Network Performance Best of the Week Video Why wait for eight seconds for an external page to load when you can read the article with a single tap within the comfort of Facebook? Check this video for how Facebook’s Instant Articles works. Persona Based Lead Scoring: The Mystery and the Method Download this White Paper and learn: Classify leads based on behavior and demographic details Develop a consistent methodology to proffer quality leads to sales Employ data integrity and tracking Deploy marketing automation to improve efficiency and cut costs.? Download the complimentary persona Based Lead …

Facebook: Where There Is No Outside

May 15, 2015 | By

Facebook wants its 1.44 billion active users to stay put. It sees each link out as a potential loss that undermines Facebook’s business model. To keep its users inside Facebook identifies all the likely content and experiences that users seek or pay for, those digital opportunities that take users out of its sphere of influence, and then recreates them inside the blue walled Facebook ecosystem. Consider Pages Facebook introduced Pages in 2007 with the intention of replacing business websites which were seen as inconsistent silos trumpeting incomplete information. In time Pages overwhelmed websites with cover photos, Timeline, maps, reviews, business hours, messaging channels, and many more rich features. Pages created a wealth of content for Facebook. Thousands of digital marketing professionals jumped in to build strategies, create content, media and links to maximize utility and engagement value. Facebook became a destination, a one stop shop for information on any brand. might provide information about the latest shoes, but by visiting the Nike Page in Facebook a user got that information and, with News Feed amassing user targeted information in one endless scroll, exposure to much more — a band’s tour dates, the latest movie in a nearby theater, etc. Plugging the …

Deep Dive Into Google’s App Indexing

May 13, 2015 | By

What is App Indexing? Google’s App indexing allows webmasters to connect pages from web sites to specific content within Android apps. An Android smartphone user with a company app installed will be able to open it directly from mobile search results in Google. Image Source How it Works? “The App Indexing API provides a way for developers to notify Google about deep links in their native apps and allows the Google app to drive re-engagement through Google Search query auto completions, providing fast and easy access to inner pages in apps. The deep links reported using the App Indexing API are also used by Google to index app content and are surfaced in Google Search results.”  From Google’s App Indexing API site. Make It So To connect company app to website enable deep linking of app from the Developers Console. Make sure the app is set up to work with Google Play Store Developers must set up actions called “intent filters” that tell Google when a user is viewing a section of content, what the content’s title is, and if there is a Web page on your site that has the same content When a user views content in app, Google …

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Google Responds to Mobile Dominion

May 12, 2015 | By

When Google announces that “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan,” you can rest assured that mobile has arrived. During a live stream of the annual AdWords Performance Summit in Half Moon Bay, California Google Vice President of product management, Mr. Jerry Dischler, spoke of the, “I want to know, I want to go, I want to buy” moments and the raft of new products Google is rolling out for its AdWords clients. Consumers using mobile devices are in a hurry and have exacting demands. Digital marketers have to meet those demands in the moment to even get noticed. Google has been studying the situation, weighing feedback from throughout the world, and has begun tweaking its search capacity to meet consumers’ expectations for relevancy and spur of the moment shopping. The core issue — how do people search for information on mobile  — has led to a whole new generation of ad experiences Google promises will be richer and more engaging. And designed for screen-swipes, not mouse-clicks. Here’s a primer on the shape of things to come, courtesy of Google Automotive Ads Paraphrasing Dischler – over half of automotive …

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