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September 11, 2014 | By

We all know that visuals are an attractive aspect of digital marketing collateral. But within the world of creative development, what are the skills required and trends observed to succeed? Where is the world of creative development heading? Recent research indicates that app development and 3D modeling are must-have skills. This is partially true. However, creative development is such a diverse area that each sub-domain under creative development requires different, in-depth specialized skills. Rajesh Muthyalu, Creative Director at Position2 sheds more light on the current scenario in creative development. Here’s what he had to say: Team Position2: Creative professionals thrive in a rapidly changing world…how do you keep up to date with all that’s happening? RM: It is our job to know what is happening and so we consciously spend time to stay updated about the latest developments. We subscribe to select newsletters and follow trends on leading websites. We ensure that everyone in the company has access to this information. We strongly believe in knowledge sharing and update everyone in the team with new trends. Importantly, we look at new trends through the filter of usability. We are also active on relevant LinkedIn groups through which we gather updates …

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How will Amazon Ad Network Affect Digital Marketers

September 8, 2014 | By

Amazon is bolstering its ad network on the Internet with renewed vigor in order to give the industry veterans like Google a run for their money. Amazon recently manifested its serious intent to be a big player in the online advertising arena with the takeover of Twitch, a video game live-streaming site for almost a billion dollars! Learn more here about why Amazon paid such a hefty price for Twitch. The Amazon ad network is not just a list but it is much more than that. Amazon has a massive database of consumer shopping patterns on the Internet and marketers can use this to their advantage for targeting ads to the specific consumer group in order to make the maximum impact. Retargeting is a marketing idea that really caught the fancy of marketers in 2014. But the problem with retargeting is that you need to get the consumer to visit the appropriate site before you can remarket to him/her. The novel idea here is to pre-target the consumer by using massive Amazon algorithms which predict consumer buying and activity patterns and gives you important metrics on who might be open to evaluating your product. Now Amazon here has an edge …

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Programmatic Buying, Better Clicks with Search Ads and much more…| Best of the Week

September 5, 2014 | By

This week’s hot news, events and videos from the online marketing and social media world. From the Position² Blog This Week: Defining the Concept of Programmatic Buying Programmatic buying is slowly but surely gaining traction in the online world. It has its own set of advantages over traditional buying when it comes to purchasing online display inventories. Read this insightful blog that delves deeper into this topic. B-to-B Marketers: How to Get Better Clicks with Search Ads The Case For Embracing B2B Social Marketing Organic Search Said to Drive Vast Majority of B2B Traffic Seven Tips to Increase Your Email Deliverability 5 Vital Classes of Content: A Simple Framework Google Authorship May Be Dead, But Author Rank Is Not Best of the Week Video An excerpt from a MarketingSherpa Email Summit panel discussion. The panelists discuss about responsive email design and ways to enhance end-user experience irrespective of devices used. White Paper: Increase Visibility for Your Content by 4x Today’s traditional SEO is inadequate: Ignite your search results by accelerating visibility in more places than ever before.Download this White Paper and learn: SEO, why the way we know it is not enough Introducing and implementing Enterprise Visibility Accelerator (EVA) Using …

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LinkedIn Gives Users Control Over Their Data and Facebook’s New Ad Format Gives Brands Better Visibility

September 5, 2014 | By

LinkedIn LinkedIn has decided to be more transparent when dealing with your user data. You can now request data about your account from LinkedIn and within 72 hours you will get a host of information that you can use as you deem fit. This information includes Registration information, Login history, email history, your first degree contacts, photos that you have uploaded and a lot more. So how will this help LinkedIn Users? It is going to be hugely beneficial for users since they can now keep a close tab on their accounts with a little help from the social networking site. You can now manage your account better and make the best of it for networking in a more professional way. LinkedIn has been steadily growing its user base over the years. The networking site is being used by people more for professional interactions rather than personal associations. So this tool now will immensely help professionals to keep track of their online identity. You can now get all your information, contacts, interactions, uploads and related things in one place. This feature from LinkedIn puts you in the driver’s seat. It also offers the users an added sense of security. You …

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