LinkedIn 101: 6 Tips To Build Your Network

May 4, 2012 | By View Linkedin Profile

LinkedIn, the network for professionals has changed the landscape of professional and business networking to quite an extent. Linkedin ended the year 2011 with a whopping 101 million users (Slideshare) and it has started off with a 45% growth in membership in January 2012 (Slideshare). If you have not factored Linkedin into your SMM strategy, it is time to start immediately. The Linkedin membership has a different psyche from Facebook and Twitter and is more effective in generating business leads (HubSpot study). Formulate your strategy after careful research and consideration. But first, here are a few general tips to build a solid Linkedin network: 1. Stay linked: Very few members log into Linkedin every day or even a few times a week. Those who login frequently are the ones who have the most visibility on the pages of their connections. Being regular is the key to increased visibility. The more visibility you have, the more influential you will be on your connections. Staying active on Linkedin takes considerable time and effort like other networking sites. However, the rewards are rich and satisfying. Following are a few to-dos for staying linked and active: Update your status two or three times a …

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