Designing a Winning Social Media Campaign

September 20, 2011 | By View Linkedin Profile

Getting Started With a Solid Framework Creating a successful social media campaign is like constructing a skyscraper. You need a strong foundation, quality materials and a reliable crew to ensure your structure doesn’t collapse. However, for many marketer, the idea of ROI and traffic takes priority over the finer details that go into designing a winning campaign. Although returns are a measurable and important aspect of social media marketing, the end result largely depends on the basic framework. Also, people are spending more time on social networks, and that means brands are even more pressurized to capture their attention and convert them into consumers. According to the Trends in Social Advertising survey conducted by Pivot: 60% of the respondents anticipate that social advertising will be very valuable to them. 54% are satisfied or very satisfied with their social advertising. While 37% agree with the statement that social advertising is gaining momentum, 54% strongly agree with the same. 38% marketers always have a social advertising competent as part of their campaign(s). 85% were currently experimenting with social advertising or planned to do so within the next 12 months. While the above statistics appear encouraging, there were some respondents (45%) who said …

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