Social Media Monitoring ROI: Metrics For Measurement

August 18, 2011 | By View Linkedin Profile

Why It Pays To Listen To Online Buzz One of the hottest debates in social media over the last few years has been centered on the concept of ROI and why measuring ROI on your social media monitoring efforts is so important. While there have been several studies concerning the ROI of social media marketing, with more companies starting social media monitoring on a larger scale, brands are now concerned with the ROI realized from their social media monitoring activities. For instance, the Corporate Manager of Consumer Generated Media at Toyota, Bruce Etrmann, believes that the company’s benefits/returns from social media monitoring include strengthening customer loyalty and improving communication with the marketplace. There are several monitoring tools available today, including Position²’s Brand Monitor, that help brands listen to conversations on social media 24/7 to make sure all relevant mentions are captured. We believe that social media monitoring best yields returns when: You know by how much the attendance to your company’s brand page has increased because of a certain social media marketing campaign or change in marketing strategy. What was the dollar value of this increase? How does this compare to the time and money spent by your brand while …

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