Facebook’s New Mobile Ad Format

You’ve all seen how Facebook Ads looked up until now…it was as if they were piled up on top of one another. There wasn’t much description about the business and the image was really small!

If you’ve been bugged seeing this ad display, its time to rejoice people! Facebook mobile Ad display has undergone a makeover!

Post its IPO, the social networking giant has been beleaguered by questions that rose over its ability to monetize in the mobile space. The site is attempting to answer these questions now. The latest entrant in Facebook’s hall of changes is a new look for its “Pages You Might Like” mobile ads (TechCrunch).

Here’s a preview of the new mobile ad design format:

Facebook Testing Mobile Ads

Doing away with the old way of showing three businesses one below the other, the new display makes use of Facebook’s ad targeting system and shows one very relevant ad. Along with showing which friend/s of yours likes that page, the new mobile ad format also shows how many other people like it. This latter piece of information on the ad is a strong motivator for people to like that page going by the thought: “if so many other people like it, it may be good and I may like it too”.

Facebook has replaced the earlier tiny thumbnail image with the cover pic from the advertiser’s page. Since a cover pic is big and represents a page’s identity better and in a more creative way, using it for the mobile ads makes the ad more visually enticing. The cover pic is immediately followed by a longer description (compared to the old format) of what the business does. This solves the problem of too little description of the older mobile ad format. The “Like” button in the ad is also bigger, placed just below the image bringing it into more prominence.

According to Facebook’s Q3 2012 Earnings report, 14% of its ad revenue came from mobile. This figure is quite good seeing that the site started posting ads in the mobile space only in March this year and its still in its infancy in this space. But it’s learning fast. And the focus is on mobile is only going to increase from now.

Source: TechCrunch

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