Increase Conversion Rates With Google’s Ad Sitelinks Feature

Google AdWords has implemented yet another new feature for AdWords PPC advertisers. This really cool new feature is specifically designed to provide users with more options to click on. An advertiser can create richer, more relevant ads that improve the value of their brand terms and other targeted keywords. The feature will show up to four additional links under the main ad for ads that “meet a certain high quality threshold.” It allows advertisers to extend the value of existing Google AdWords ads by providing additional links to content deep within their sites, instead of sending all users to the same landing page.

Example of Ad Sitelinks

Example of Ad Site Links

With Ad Sitelinks, you can point to specific information on your site, such as hotels, flights booking, holiday packages or even seasonal promotions. Early participants in Ad Sitelinks, like MakeMyTrip, found that presenting multiple link options made it easier to direct users to relevant information on their sites, driving them deeper into the conversion funnel.

Currently Ad Sitelinks is only being launched to advertisers that meet a high-quality threshold. If your account qualifies, go to your Campaign Settings Tab, then to the “Ad extensions” section. Look for “Show additional links to my site.”

Benefits of Ad Sitelinks

Ad Sitelinks provides advertisers with a good way of promoting seasonal services or products.

– It allows visitors easier access to deeper content of your website, thereby potentially increasing conversion rates.

– It makes for more targeted search for the user. For example, a user searching for the key phrase “Make My Trip” could be looking for a flight, hotel or a bus ticket. Normally, this user would just see an ad that leads to a single landing page. With Ad Sitelinks showing more focused links in the site, it allows much finer targeting.

Contributed by Manisha Singh

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