Importance of Visuals in Digital Marketing Today

Visuals are of prime importance in marketing. It’s not surprising then that marketers are using a lot of visuals lately, whether it’s in the form of images or videos, in their marketing. There’s a reason for this, visuals hold an increased level of importance in both traditional and digital marketing today since they are believed to enhance the impact of marketing efforts.

Other than the obvious fact that visuals are more appealing to the eye, what factors contribute to the popularity and success of visuals in marketing? And why do we say that visuals can improve the effect of marketing?

Here are a few reasons that answer these questions:

  • The human brain processes visuals 60000x faster than text.
  • 90% information transmitted to the brain is visual.
  • 40% people respond better to visuals.
  • People take in more information when text and visuals are coupled. Netizens can make sense of 95% of text when it’s combined with visuals as opposed to standalone text.

Lot of marketers have understood the importance of visuals and have already begun incorporating them into their marketing communication. However, if you’re among those who still haven’t considered visuals in marketing in a big way, it’s about time you got started!


Current Role Visuals are Playing

People are getting behind visuals-based sites with a passion. This is evidenced in the impressive growth of sites like Pinterest (70 million users) and Tumblr (110 million plus its acquisition by Yahoo! this year).

Pintrest-new-users-by-monthSocial media sites recognize the importance of visuals for users. Recent features launched by social networks like Facebook Photo Comments, News Feed re-design, Google+ site re-design, Pinterest Promoted Pins etc. are definite signs that they are becoming more visual oriented.


Everyone knows (or should know by now) the importance of social media for marketing and it’s time to look at adding visuals to it to make it an even more potent weapon. Social posts with compelling visuals get 94% more visits than those lacking good visual content. This is an important point for brands that are always on the lookout for that extra something that will get them more visibility.

Benefits of Using Visuals in Marketing

Yes, there are benefits over and above the ones we discussed above. So what else do visuals offer? Here are a few more positives of using visuals:

Aids Quicker Information Absorption

It’s already been established that the human brain is more at ease with visuals when compared to plain text. Visuals help in quicker intake of information because you don’t have to read through lines of text. You only need to glance at an all-encompassing image. The average attention span of people today is said to be less than 5 seconds. Such a short attention span means that brands have to get their message across really quick. Visuals help in accomplishing this by helping people understand more easily and quickly.

It’s important to shoot pictures that match the brand requirement than use stock images that don’t fit the message perfectly. Cola brands are good at communicating the spirit of celebration through simple but well thought out images. The legend of the Marlboro man was built on visuals alone as also Benetton’s many controversial campaigns.

Increased Success Rate in Capturing and Retaining Attention

Visuals are a good way of both appealing to the eye and quick information intake which pushes up their success rate in capturing the attention of people during that short 5 second period. Visuals can also retain attention better because of their high appeal factor. Cartoon book storytelling is becoming popular among brands with Google a big fan of this approach.

More Popularity with Followers

If you continually post great quality visuals that inspire people who follow your brand, you can become the cool brand that’s known in its circles for posting great visuals. If nothing, this reputation can help you build a vibrant community of brand followers who can become great brand evangelists. Visuals appeal to the heart more than the mind and so you expect a lot of instinct-based, emotion-oriented following. Using visuals in your marketing content is a small but crucial part of building your brand.

Richer Interaction Due to Better Customer Responses

As said in the beginning of this post, people respond better to visuals. When consumer responses are better, it fosters more active interaction between brands and consumers. Remember, the trigger may be a visual but the conversation need not be visual based and could be text as long as it resonates with the audience.

Here are a few brands that hit the jackpot with visuals this year:

Can you think of other ways in which visuals can help in increasing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts? Let us know in the comments section below!

Team Position²

Team Position²

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