In-Page Analytics – Google Analytics: New Feature

Content Overview >> In-Page Analytics Here is something really cool that we came across late last week. Google Analytics has introduced a new feature called “In-Page Analytics” under “Content” report though it is still in the BETA.

It provides insight on how visitors navigate on a given website page by visually displaying clicks on every link inside a bubble. In the earlier navigation report it was not possible for us to visualize visitors’ behavior and it was a cumbersome manual process that we used. In addition one can apply Advanced Segments and keyword filters to this report for effective comparative study of various traffic types. e.g.: Total traffic vs. Direct Traffic and traffic by keyword. This is much better than the site overlay report. Though this is still in BETA, we can expect this to be widely used by Analysts in the coming days.

“This is something one can find in Crazy Egg, so we have a strong feeling that the “Google Analytics” team was inspired by it!”

This is a quick note; do look out for a detailed analysis, once we start playing around with this feature.

Google Analytics In-Page Analytics Preview:

Google Analytics In-Page Analytics

Contributed by Sasthi Sarma, Analytics Team, Position²

Team Position²

Team Position²

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  • sudheer

    I feel this is like new skin to the old page overlay report.

    Still it wont show data for the clicks on java scripts.

    It shows the same values to the duplicates links at different parts of the page.

    Suppose if we have home link on top navigation and again one more home links as part of footer links, it will show the same values for both.

    -Sudheer Dayanand