Leveraging Your Marketing With Instagram – Part 2

Last week we wrote on how marketers can use Instagram in their marketing strategy. This article is a continuation of last week’s blog.

Here we have outlined more ways marketers can make use of Instagram:

Post photos of customers with your products

  • Spotlight Customers
    Featuring customers on social media accounts is a huge plus for brands. Post photos of customers with your products or of contest winners. Customers are the best unofficial brand ambassadors. Since customers aren’t from your business, their word is valued more. Give your audience a great brand experience by posting photos of customers using your products/services. But be careful of what your photos are projecting about your brand values.Urban Outfitters is one of the brands that uses Instagram to post pictures of people wearing its products. This not only keeps existing customers who upload their pictures happy, it also gives prospects a glimpse of how their products will look on people.
  • Interact Through Comments and Grow Your Community
    You need to be at your posts and respond to people’s comments. Watch your hashtags and photo comments. Respond to people’s comments as soon as possible and also in a way that will add value to the conversation. Make customers feel valued and connected to your brand.

Interact Through Comments and Grow Your Community

  • Give Customers an Inside Look
    Another great way to connect with your customers is to give them sneak-peeks into the inside workings of your company. You can post pictures of your office premises, company events (charity events, company anniversary celebrations) and so on. Photos that convey dedication, commitment and other positive values are a strong selling point for your brand. Select your photos with care. You have to make sure that your photos have aesthetic and creative value before you post them on Instagram.

Give Customers an Inside Look

  • Showcase Products
    Instagram is a great platform where you can showcase your product line. You can display your products in innumerable creative ways using the various filters. Post photos that sync with your brand persona. Give a visual feel of your products.

Showcase Products

  • Show company history
    Make your Instagram feed a showcase of your company’s milestones. This not only instills customer confidence, it also generates and satiates curiosity about your company. Use the Instagram photo editor to the fullest extent on the photos you post to your Instagram company account.

Show company history

What else can businesses do to come on top in Instagram? Drop your comments in the box below.

Team Position²

Team Position²

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